What’s in a Name?

April 20th is rapidly approaching, and each year we get this question many times; “What are the origins of this iconic phrase?” Seeing as we derived our name from the infamous code word, we figured now was a good opportunity to go back to its roots.

Many believe the phrase originated from a police code for “Marijuana smoking in progress”, but this is not the case. Nor is it the chemical compound, or a Bob Dylan reference. The phrase actually originated from a group of high schoolers in the 1970s. In the fall of 1971 the group heard rumors of a hidden cannabis crop that had been abandoned by the original care taker. The group would meet up atleast once a week to search for the cache. Their meeting time? 4:20 pm, after practice of course, as they were all student athletes. They would remind each other of the meeting in the hallways of school using the code word “4:20 louis”. Louis meaning the meet spot was at the Louis Pasteur statue outside their high school, but the louis was eventually dropped.

They never did discover the abandoned product, but we here at Twenty Past Four believe the coining of the term was worth far more in the grand scheme of things!

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New Smoke Shop Now Open in Roselle

Now Open in Roselle

Back in January 2018, local entrepreneur Max Witt decided he wanted to open up his dream shop. 20past4 is a smoke and vape shop now open in Roselle.

Max held a Grand Opening with a small group of friends and started his first business. Smoke shops offer many kinds of merchandise but almost no expertise or customer service. Max felt that he wanted to combine the chill vibes of smoking with friends and smoking/vaping products that he felt he could solidly recommend to any smoking hobbyist. With a “Now Open” sign in the window, the future of 20past4 Smoke and Vape shop has its first sale that day.

Why does Roselle need a smoke shop?

20past4 is like no other smoke shop in Roselle. You don’t need to come smoke, just come enjoy the atmosphere. 20past4 offers a cozy environment for all kinds of smoke hobbyist. From the casual smoker, to the hardcore vape enthusiast, there is something for everyone. Feeling at home is hard when so many places do not offer smoker friendly venues. If you wish to hold a PPV viewing or just hang out with a bunch of friends who smoke, call 20past4 to set aside a group setting and they will make sure you are taken care of.

Where is 20past4 located?

The smoke and vape shop is located on the North side of Roselle. Just five minutes off the 390, there is plenty of parking located nearby. There are also several places to get a bite to eat after you finished smoking. The closest transit stop is the Nerge/Roselle stop on the 608 bus. You can find the bus schedule here.



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